Rejoice in the Lord, Ye rightheous

This album was recorded on June 16 & 17, 2004 at the Trinity Church.In the given there are prayers and chants of the Russian Orthodox Church starting from such composers as M.Berezovsky and S.Davydov and finishing with such renowned authors as P. Tchaikovsky, M.Ippolitov-Ivanov, P.Chesnokov, S.Rakhmaninov. We hope that the compositions sounding on this disk will allow the auditors to from a true notion of Russian sacred music.
1 Glory to God in the highest (S. Davydov) 
2 Lord, hesr my prayer (A. Arkhangelsky) 
3 The only-begotten Son (P. Chesnokov) 
4 God, by the name, save me (I. Semenov) 
5 We hymn Thee (M. Ippolitov-Ivanov) 
6 O Lord, save the pious people... The Thrice-Holy (P. Chesnokov) 
7 A gladsome light (A. Arkhangelsky) 
8 Blessed are thouse who Thou has chosen (I. Zabolotny) 
9 Rejoice in the Lord, Ye rightheous (M. Berezovsky) 
10 From above the prophets (M. Balakirev) 
11 Blessed is the man (P. Chesnokov) 
12 Lord now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace (A. Vedel) 
13 We hymn Thee (P. Tchaikovsky) 
14 My soul (hiermonc Gerontiy) 
15 The wise thief (P. Chesnokov)Load
16 The Lord reigns (M. Berezovsky) 
17 Hail, o Virgin, birth-giver of God (S. Rakhmaninov) 
18 Our Father (A. Egorov)Load

We sing to you

1 Bless my soul, the Lord (A. Arkhangelsky) 
2 I shed my prayer to the Lord (A. Arkhangelsky) 
3 Being depressed in vain (A. Lvov) 
4 Bless the Lord now (M. Ippolitov-Ivanov) 
5 Your Last Suppers (A. Lvov) 
6 Let my prayer come true (P. Chesnokov) 
7 You, overpower wall (P. Chesnokov) 
8 My sinful soul... (Northen sacred verse) 
9 On the illness-bed... (P. Chesnokov) 
10 Eternal counsel (P. Chesnokov) 
11 Crying Angel (N. Kochanovsky) 
12 With sleeping flesh (B. Galuppi) 
13 Calm light (N. Kedrov) 
14 Strengthen, my heart, yourself in the Lord (M. Ippolitov-Ivanov)Load
15 The Elected Voevode (P. Chesnokov) 
16 With sleeping flesh (Arch. Ionafan) 
17 Be glad, the People (J. Sarti) 
18 Our Father (I. Zabolotny) 
19 Penitential prayer about Russia (P. Tchaikovsky) 
20 We sing to you (S. Rakhmaninov) 

To Your favour we resort

1 Our Father (N. Kedrov) 
2 We are going to you, the Mother of God (A. Arkhangelsky) 
3 Do celebrate now (A. Turenkov) 
4 Bless Lord, oh my soul (K. Shvedov) 
5 It is truly meet (P. Chesnokov) 
6 Oh, Lord, take in my prayer (A. Arkhangelsky) 
7 Bless Lord, oh my soul (M. Ippolitov-Ivanov) 
8 To Your favour we resort (A. Kopilov)Load
9 Glory to the Father and the Only-begotten Son (P. Turchaninov) 
10 God, have mersy upon us (A. Arkhangelsky) 
11 Concerto ¹XIX. The Lord said into my Lord (D. Bortnyansky) 
12 To Thee we sing (P. Chesnokov) 
13 Glory to God in the highest (Anonimus XVIII c) 
14 Only-begotten Son (N. Lebedev) 
15 Regarding the highest ones, welcoming the wretched ones (A. Arkhangelsky) 
16 Doxology/ Znamenny chant/ (P. Chesnokov) 
17 Appeal to the Lord is appearance (S. Degtyarev) 
18 Our Father (P. Tchaikovsky) 

Bonzorno, Madonna

1 “Alleluia” (Anonymus XIIIth c) 
2 “Tant que vivray” (French anonymus XIVth c) 
3 Chanson “Plusieurs regrets” (Josquin Despres) 
4 “Come away, come sweet love” (John Dowland) 
5 Madrigale “La vita fugge” (Orlando di Lasso) 
6 “Gagliarda Terza” (Frescobaldi G.) 
7 “If my complaints” (John Dowland) 
8 Motet I “Canticum canticorum” (Palestrina Giovanni) 
9 “La brosse” (French folk dance) 
10 “La gatta” (Anonymus XVIth c) 
11 “Villansico pastorale” (Spanish anonymus XVIth c) 
12 “Now may” (Anonymus XIVth c) 
13 Missa “Entre vous filles de quenze ans” Kyrie (Orlando di Lasso) 
14 Dido and Aeneas Air “Thanks to these lone some” (Henry Pursell) 
15 Chanson “Fuyons tous d’amour le jeu” (Orlando di Lasso) 
16 Lower 1571 “Galliarde ferrarese” (Anonymus) 
17 Madrigale “Il bianco e dolce cigno” (Jacob Arcadelt) 
18 “Gaillarda” (John Dowland) 
19 “I saw my Lady Weep” (John Dowland) 
20 Chanson “Mille regrets” (Josquin Despres) 
21 “My sunset” (Anonymus) 
22 Chanson “Nest-ce pas un grand deplaisir” (Josquin Despres) 
23 “Bonzorno, Madonna” (Antonio Scandelli) 
24 “Dit le Burguygon” (Netherlandish anonymus XVth c) 
25 Madrigale “Ardo, si, ma non t’amo” (Orlando di Lasso) 
26 Motetus “Angelus pastores” (Orlando di Lasso)Load

Warm prayer

This album was recorded at the St.Nikolay Cathedral of Nikolo-Perervenskiy monastery.
1 Open to me the door of repetance (P.Chesnokov) 
2 Before Thy Cross (A. Lvov ) 
3 We venerate Thy most pure image (A. Lvov ) 
4 To your favour we resort (P.Chesnokov ) 
5 0, Mother of God (P.Chesnokov ) 
6 Our Father (P.Chesnokov ) 
7 Blessed is the man (P.Chesnokov ) 
8 Blessed is the man (A.Arkhangelskiy) 
9 Warm prayer (anonymus) 
10 We hymn Thee (A. Labinskiy) 
11 Praise the name of the Lord (A.Vedel ) 
12 Praise the name of the Lord (Smirnov) 
13 Having beheld the resurrection of Christ (I.Semenov) 
14 It is truly meet (P.Tchaikovskiy)Load
15 Give rest, î God, to Thy servant (A.Nikolskiy) 
16 Lord now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace (A.Kopylov) 
17 The angel cried (P.Chesnokov ) 
18 Theotokos Virgin, rejoice (S.Strokin)Load
19 Theotokos Virgin, rejoice (A.Grechaninov ) 
20 Behold now, bless the Lord (A.Nikolskiy) 

Free heart

Anima, a soul. A Russian soul does not speak – it sings. Our group could not overlook this tremendous musical legacy. We have put our hearts into this album.
1 Hey steppe, you’re wide! 
2 Off at sea 
3 Me, a young lass, my husband beat hard 
4 Call for harvest, my cuckoo! 
5 In the dark wood 
6 Oh, my garden 
7 My river, my little oneLoad
8 Anybody in the house? 
9 Hey you, push hard! 
10 Abate you, tempest!Load
11 Come on home, girlies! 
12 Tiny rowan 
13 Shiny moon 
14 Oh rowan, little one 
15 He would tell me 
16 When a husband is away 
17 Steppe for miles roundLoad
18 Nothing sways the field 
19 My husband, poor worker 
20 Hey you, doves 
21 Cry and repent, my sinful soul 
22 Oh my soul full of sin! 
23 Lullaby 
24 Lassie out in the garden 
25 Hush, hangover man’s asleep! 
26 Tanya, lassie wooed in marriage 
27 Vesper chores (Twilight bells) 
28 Porushka-Paranya (Paranya in love with curly-haired Ivan) 
29 Brooms